Advanced Manufacturing Week

8-12 July 2024

Additive manufacturing, 5G networks, augmented reality and more – a wide range of novel technologies are finally maturing and finding vital applications in the most cutting-edge and productive factories. As manufacturers navigate challenges including supply chain disruption, sustainability demands and economic uncertainty, engineers need expert knowledge of new approaches to efficiency and innovation.


Digital transformation: AI in Manufacturing

Join Made Smarter Innovation for an interactive session on how artificial intelligence is transforming the manufacturing sector. Following on from the Exploring AI Business Opportunities in Manufacturing webinar series held in spring, and an engaging panel session at the AI Summit (where Made Smarter Innovation brought the conversation to the doorstep of AI innovators), the activity continues as the three themes of Sustainability, Productivity and Resilience are presented in one 60-minute session. Three AI experts will share their cutting-edge insights and case studies demonstrating the tangible benefits of AI in creating a more sustainable, productive, and resilient manufacturing landscape.

Made Smarter Innovation

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Why consider a career in engineering and manufacturing – ten good reasons

In this talk, Peter looks at the contribution that engineering makes to modern society, in particular how engineering affects everything that we do. Engineers turn ideas and technology into something that we can manufacture in quantity and all use. From the earliest of times, engineering has been central to human existence but in the modern world, we face particular challenges: climate change, material use and healthcare, for example. A career in engineering and manufacturing gives creative people the opportunity to make their mark, see the impact of their work, and make a real difference to society.