EF Series 2024


Are you ready for the future of engineering? 

A series of webinars empowering engineers with the skills needed to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

IMechE and Professional Engineering are delighted to once again bring you the only webinar series you need in 2024 to equip you for the future. Join us across three weeks of dynamic virtual events as we delve into the latest trends shaping the future of engineering. Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive insights, equipping you and your company to lead the pack now and in the future.

Advanced Manufacturing Week

8-12 July 2024

Additive manufacturing, 5G networks, augmented reality and more – a wide range of novel technologies are finally maturing and finding vital applications in the most cutting-edge and productive factories. As manufacturers navigate challenges including supply chain disruption, sustainability demands and economic uncertainty, engineers need expert knowledge of new approaches to efficiency and innovation.


Sustainability in Engineering Week

23-27 September 2024

With each year that passes, ‘net zero’ targets draw closer and the need to decarbonise becomes ever more pressing. Engineering has a wealth of technologies and systems that are making a vital difference, but are you up to date on the latest advances? Attend Sustainability in Engineering to get expert knowledge about the most important low-carbon solutions, and help build a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

Part of Sustainability

Aerospace and Defence Week

25-29 November 2024

The aerospace sector is under greater pressure than ever to decarbonise. Hear how sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and hydrogen could help that happen during this week, which will also look at the future of autonomous flight, the growing private space sector, and how modern warfare is changing the sector.