Sustainability in Engineering Week

23-27 September 2024

With each year that passes, ‘net zero’ targets draw closer and the need to decarbonise becomes ever more pressing. Engineering has a wealth of technologies and systems that are making a vital difference, but are you up to date on the latest advances? Attend Sustainability in Engineering to get expert knowledge about the most important low-carbon solutions, and help build a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

The agenda for Sustainability in Engineering 2024 will be coming soon. Topics will include:

  • Carbon capture and utilisation – Turning pollution into useful materials 
  • Sustainable manufacturing – Using low-carbon energy and materials 
  • Climate change – Building resilience for the changes to come 
  • Green hydrogen production – Saving renewable energy for when it is needed 
  • Importance of data in reducing building emissions – Taking the smart approach 
  • Importance of engineering education in sustainability – Tackling the skills gap with a new generation of engineers 
  • Heating and cooling – Using new technologies and materials to cut energy use
  • Biological materials – Working with nature to cut emissions and prevent pollution 
  • Hydrogen fuel cells – Optimising the use of zero-carbon fuel
  • Government policy – Adapting to changes to net zero policies
  • Sustainable aviation – Cutting carbon from a major source of emissions
  • Recycling materials – Making the most of precious resources 


11.00 - 12.00

Sustainability-driven Innovation

Harvey Leach
Harvey Leach Management Consultant & Trainer, Veracity Oxford
Tom Festa
Tom Festa Director, Recharged Heritage Limited