Explore 3D Systems Innovations for Additive Manufacturing Application Needs

3D Systems' Technical Fellow Marty Johnson explores the latest innovations in additive manufacturing, the importance of systems integration and specific examples of newly developed materials. 

This webinar from 3D Systems explores innovative technologies in additive manufacturing, looking at full system integration for quality and reliability. Marty Johnson, VP of Product and Technical Fellow at 3D Systems, shared his extensive experience in developing new products and technologies aimed at enhancing additive manufacturing materials and processes. 

He highlighted the importance of integrating software, materials, printers, and print processes to achieve optimal output quality. The webinar also includes insights from Richard Broad, Principle Advanced Applications Engineer at 3D Systems, who discusses his work on developing materials for plastic applications. 

The discussion covers various new technologies and materials, including the launch of flame retardant materials, high-performance engineering and prototyping materials, and advancements in printer technologies like the SLA 750 and SLS 300 platforms. It also looks at the creation of materials with specific properties like high temperature resistance and elongation at break, aimed at solving practical manufacturing challenges and improving product development cycles.

Key points include:

  • Innovations in 3D Printing: Highlighted new technologies and materials in additive manufacturing, emphasizing the importance of system integration.
  • Expertise and Experience: Featured insights from Marty Johnson and Richard Broad, showcasing over two decades of experience in the field.
  • Advancements in Materials and Printers: Discussed the introduction of new materials with specific applications and the development of advanced printer technologies such as the SLA 750 and SLS 300 platforms.
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