Design for additive manufacturing

All you need to know about the different aspects of design concepts applied to additive manufacturing, with HP Technical Consultant Maryam Qureshi.

HP Technical Consultant Maryam Qureshi explores the shift towards additive manufacturing in engineering, looking at how 3D printing technology, is revolutionising manufacturing by offering design freedom, customisation, and improved efficiency. 

This webinar discusses the applications of additive manufacturing, showcasing examples where 3D printing has led to significant advancements in product development, cost reduction, and performance enhancement. 

It also covers the importance of designing for additive manufacturing, using software tools for optimisation, and leveraging unique capabilities of 3D printing technologies to innovate manufacturing processes.

Key points include:

  • The shift towards additive manufacturing allows for increased design freedom, customisation, and operational efficiency.
  • Designing for additive manufacturing requires a new mindset and optimization tools to fully realize the technology's benefits.
  • Examples provided illustrate significant cost savings, performance improvements, and the ability to manufacture complex designs unachievable with traditional methods.
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