Aerospace and Defence Week

25-29 November 2024

The aerospace sector is under greater pressure than ever to decarbonise. Hear how sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and hydrogen could help that happen during this week, which will also look at the future of autonomous flight, the growing private space sector, and how modern warfare is changing the sector.

The agenda for Aerospace and Defence 2024 will be coming soon. Topics will include:

  • 3D printing – Providing new possibilities in design and part supply 
  • Low/ zero-carbon flight – Using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), hydrogen and batteries to cut aviation emissions  
  • UK space industry – Accessing orbit from UK soil 
  • Space junk – Cleaning up orbit for future generations 
  • Modular aircraft – Adapting planes for multiple applications
  • Airships – Bringing back an aerospace icon 
  • Loyal wingmen – Supporting fighter jets with autonomous capabilities 
  • Quiet supersonic flight – Preventing noise pollution
  • Drone deliveries – Supplying remote communities with medicine and mail